MEP Engineering

In the construction world, MEP stands for “mechanical, electrical and plumbing.” MEP engineering is the science and art of planning, designing and managing the MEP systems of a building.
MEP participants will learn how to draft, design and document MEP building systems, meaning the calculation of building heating demand, heating system design, sanitary system design, ventilation system design and electrical system drawings.
The Building Information Modeling (BIM) for MEP is an intelligent, 3D model-based process that helps MEP professionals to improve collaboration, share data, and speed up project delivery from design to construction.

The activities are taught in English language.
The Schedule for courses are in Courses main page

Welcome & Orientation
BIM-ISS 2022 Objectives
Let’s know each others
Getting started in BIM
BIM – theory & legislation Integrated Project Delivery & Lean Construction , openBIM
BIM Software – defining plan and structural elements / 3D modelling
BIM Software – Introduction in MEP projects
BIM Software – MEP design
BIM Software – Calculation of building heating demand
Plotting settings, page layout
Quality Assurance through Models
Integration Heating systems design
Sanitary systems design
Ventilation systems design
Electrical systems design
Electrical systems drawing
Adapting the instalations to the received task
Engineering report