Civil Engineering

The course for civil engineers covers topics like structures drawing and analysis…
The structural engineers learn to place on the 3D the specific detailing like reinforcement for each structural element (beam, column, slab).

The activities are taught in English language.
The Schedule for courses is in the Courses main page.

Welcome & Orientation
BIM-ISS 2022 Objectives
Let’s know each others
Getting started in BIM
BIM – theory & legislation
Integrated Project Delivery & Lean Construction, openBIM
BIM Software – defining plan and structural elements / 3D modelling
BIM Software – Building reinforcement
Plotting settings, page layout
Quality Assurance through Models
Integration Getting started in BIM-CAE
Working in BIM-CAE – exercises in 2D
BIM-CAE – loads evaluation and combination
Working in BIM-CAE – exercises in 3D
Story Replicate, Geometry check, support conditions/foundations
RC Design
Engineering Report